An overview of Anti Money Laundering Laws e-Book

An overview of Anti Money Laundering Laws Free e-book

In this wonderful time of the year let us spend some time on one of the most interesting topics “Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002”. It has for long been one of the most discussed, debated and criticized topic. A simple understanding of money, its source, the proceeds of crime, its utilization, namely money laundering, the nature of crimes, the scheduled offences, punishments, the authority, adjudication and above all prevention of money laundering.
I have prepared a small write up on “The Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002”. The write up aims at presenting a simple understanding of the source, handling and prevention of money laundering. Growing money laundering crimes is a threat to both the individual and economy and the real point lies in curtailing its source and happening. The write up also offers a sneak peek into various other legislations of similar nature. In short, a simple guide to identify, handle and prevent money laundering.

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