Application Form for Verification of Marks for CS Students

In terms of Regulation 46 (2) of the Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982, as in force, a
candidate can seek “Verification of Marks” in any subject(s) of CS examination within 30
days from the date of declaration of results.

The application for verification of marks should be made by interested candidates in the prescribed method with requisite fee @
Rs. 250/- per subject within 30 days (one month) from the date of declaration of results.

Interested candidates can apply for verification of marks either through On-line mode or
Off-line mode as detailed below:
(A) Application of Verification of Marks – On-Line Mode
In case any candidate intends to apply for verification of marks, he/she is encouraged to
apply through On-line Services of the Institute as it shall provide the following benefits
to the candidates:
(i) Instant receipt of application for verification of marks in the Institute.
(ii) Loss of application in transit is avoided.
(iii) Postal delay, if any, is nil.
(iv) Fee for verification of marks can be paid through credit card/debit card /net
(v) Application for verification shall be disposed off within the minimum period.
(vi) Preparation of Demand draft and dispatching of application through speed
post/courier service can be avoided.
(vii) Candidates can confirm the receipt of their application at an early date.
In order to optimize the use of online mode of application for verification of marks,
candidates in their own interest are advised to submit their request for verification of
marks through On-line mode by following the procedure mentioned below.
Procedure for Submitting On-Line Application for Verification of Marks (VOM)
Candidates shall submit their application for Verification of Marks through on-line

Services of the Institute at as per the following steps:
Step 1: Login into the Online Services portal

Step 2: Click on StudentMy Account link (as per below screen shot)

Step 3: Click here for Exam Verification Request link on Student Details Page

Step 4: Choose Request Type and Click on Submit Button

Step 5: Press Click button to view the contact details

Step 6: Verify the address details. If change is required,
Students > My Account > Requests > Change of Address
Click Confirm button if address details are correct

Step 7: Choose the subjects for which Verification request needs to be generated. Choose
the appropriate payment mode and click Proceed for Payment Button

Step 8: Request ID and Transaction ID will be generated for the request. Click on
Proceed for Payment Button

Step 9: Already raised request will be disabled. The Approval Time will appear against
the Requests which have been approved by the Directorate of Examination.


Candidates may note that the response time for disposal of application for verification of
marks is normally two months from the date of confirmation of receipt of online
application by the Directorate of Examinations of the Institute. On receipt of the
application for verification of marks, the status/outcome will be shown on the Institute’s
website: The candidate concerned can inquiry about the status/outcome of
his/her application by entering his/her Roll No. or Student Registration Number

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