Auto Filler of E Payment of Tax Challan

Mandatory e- payment of Income tax :E payment of taxes is mandatory for following type of persons

1.All Corporates.
2.person other than corporate but covered under section 44AB(compulsory Tax audit)

and meaning of taxes here includes tds also
other important aspects of e-payment is that one can make payment of taxes from other persons account also
E payment can be made 24 x 7 ,but all the banks have fixed a cut off time after that time payment will be counted in next day and this type varies between 8.00pm to 11 pm .

How to make e payment: This has been explained in detail in our earlier post.(read here) to make payment we have to go to e payment site of income tax which is currently hosted by TIN-NSDL and we have to fill one of  the challan form 280,281,282,283 as required ,this process has to be followed every time you go to the site .

About the auto filing challan data Utility :There are as many as 10-12 columns which has to be filled by us each type when we go far e payment and there are possibilities that we may have entered some of ours details incorrectly and tax deposited may not go to credit side of in our income tax accounts. if wrong details has been entered while making the payment, procedure to correction in challan payment is very lengthy .

Good news is that fast fact site has developed a small but useful excel macro based software by which you can enter details in challan once for whole life for all the four challan 280-281-282-283 for any number of parties and can make payment of challan in single click after that ,means no need to enter details of challan every time ,with this utility the possibility of errors in feeding data every time will be minimized .Now the bonus news is that this utility is free for all for me ,for you for every body ……….so download this utility now .to download this utility now ,fill your details once (any no of parties) click submit button given at the end of the row in each party record and click submit you will be guided to TIN-NSDL site with filled challan details.

Features of the product:
E payment challan at TIN-NSDL will be filled auto in single click(submit button)
you can fill Any challan 280,281,282,283
You can create record of any number of assesses
This utility will be handy as it can be used as ready reckoner for all party details.
its free and in excel no other software installation required file size is just 218 kb.


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