Book Railway Ticket Online upto half an hour before departure of Train

In a significant move to provide additional booking facilities, Ministry of Railways has undertaken an exercise of rationalization of Computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) with a view to enable passengers to buy tickets even after the preparation of reservation charts. These new provisions will come into effect from 12th November, 2015. The rationalization exercise will also facilitate implementation of revised refund rules (notified recently) which will also become effective from 12th November, 2015. Under this exercise, sufficient time gap will be provided to passengers between preparation of charts and departure of train so that they can plan journeys properly.

The following are the advantages of rationalization of computerized Passenger Reservation System : –

) Reservation charts will invariably be made at least 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train and in case if the same are not made by the charting section, the system will automatically finalise them 4 hours before the scheduled departure of train(w.e.f. 18th November 2015). This will facilitate passengers to know the status of the ticket to plan their journey well in time. (this may be referred as the first reservation chart)
b) Immediately after preparation of first reservation charts, the reservation will again become open at the PRS counters as well as on internet (e-ticket) and the passengers can:-
• Book the available accommodation in the train for full/partial leg of the journey, in case there is no RAC/waitlist for that leg.
• In case of passengers holding RAC/waiting list ticket, the passengers will be given facility to cancel the ticket up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of train. This will facilitate the passengers, particularly partially confirmed passengers, to decide either to undertake the journey or to cancel their ticket.
c) A second (and final) chart of reservations will be made available before departure of train and handed over to onboard ticket checking staff. 
This exercise will ensure optimum utilization of train accommodation as well as enhanced earnings.
d) For the present, the condition for printing of first reservation charts at least four hours before departure of train shall be applicable in case of train originating station. 

Under the abovementioned rationalization, the passengers can book / cancel / modify the tickets even after the preparation of first reservation chart but only up to 30 minutes before the departure of train across any PRS Counters as well as on internet (E-ticket) as per extant provision of Refund Rules. In case of e-tickets where after preparation of first reservation charts, passengers had the option to only file online Ticket Deposit Receipt and to request for refund, now will have the facility to modify/cancel the partially confirmed ticket and get refund electronically. Passengers holding PRS counter ticket / I-ticket will now be saved from the botheration of going only to current reservation counter at the journey originating station to book / cancel / modify ticket after the preparation of first reservation chart as per refund rules. They can now go to any PRS counter. Additionally, the facility will continue to be available at current reservation counters, wherever required. Later, this facility is also proposed be made available at some designated UTS counters at stations for which the work is under progress.
Source: Indian Railways

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