CA Articleship Stipend New Rates from 23.01.2015

ICAI Increased Articleship Stipend:

Double ICAI Increased Articleship Stipend ICAI Finally got approval from govt to Increased Articleship Stipend On 10th September 2014, ICAI had announced that they intent to increase the articleship stipend.

ICAI had prepared the draft for the same and sent it to the Govt for their review.

 The Good News is that the approval of the Govt has been received.

The following is the revised minimum article ship stipend applicable for CA Students here is the Increased Articleship Stipend :- In the Draft Notification, ICAI had also requested to govt to approve their request for increasing the fees for inspection of answer sheet.

However, there is no mention of the same in the final notification indicating that it has not yet been approved by the Govt.

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