CA Student Articleship Work Diary

  • Category 
      *  Sub Category 
  •  Accounting
 Maintaining books of account
Preparing Final accounts
Compliance  with Accounting Standards and other pronouncements
Analysis and interpretation
Preparing and Reviewing budgets, fund-flow and cash flow statements
Others (to be specified)
  • Audit – Statutory/Internal/Concurrent 
Routine audit work
Review of General Ledger
Scrutiny of provisional entries
 Verification and Valuation of Stocks
Preparation of Audit sampling
Evaluation of Internal Control System
Maintenance of Audit Working Papers
 Preparation of Audit Program
 Others (to be specified)
  • Taxation
Computation of total income and tax liability.
Filing of returns of income under Income-tax Laws.
Filing of TDS returns, other returns and statements under Income-tax Laws.
Preparation of Tax Audit reports
(Computation of wealth and wealth tax liability under the Wealth-tax Laws.
Filing of wealth-tax returns and other statements under the Wealth-tax Laws.
Assisting in preparation and submission of documents and statements relating to assessment proceedings under the Income-tax and Wealth-tax laws
Computation of tax liability under various Indirect Tax laws, e.g. Service tax liability, excise duty liability, VAT liability etc.
Filing of returns under Indirect tax laws
Preparation of appeal documents
Filing appeal (Mention Appellate Authority)
 Attending and Assisting in the conduct of hearing of appeal
Filing of application for registration under various Indirect Tax Laws.
Others (to be specified)
  • Information Technology
Computer applications such as use of accounting packages
Developing and maintaining data-base
Data Extraction and Analysis
Information Systems Audits
Others (to be specified)
  • Company Law
Filing of documents and returns under Companies Act, 1956
Minute Book writing
Maintenance of Other Statutory Registers
Others (to be specified)
  • Others 
Assisting in devising Management Information System
Specific Management Audit
Others (to be specified)
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