A case for Abolition of Cesses and reduction of interest rate on delayed payment of Service Tax & excise duty

1. ABOLISH Cesses : The levy of 2% Education Cess and 1% Secondary & Higher Education Cess should be abolished and merged into basic duties. These levies are causing complications in documentation, credit availment and accounting. To overcome such hardships, it is suggested that the rates of the main duty be rationalized to the extent of … Read more

Highlights of Union Budget 2014-15 (Last updated: 20.01.2015)

Still Updating (Last updated) 20.01.2015, 02:07 PM􀂉􀂉􀂉􀂉􀂉 Decisive vote for change represents the desire of the people to grow, free themselvesfrom the curse of poverty and use the opportunity provided by the society. Country inno mood to suffer unemployment, inadequate basic amenities, lack of infrastructureand apathetic governance. 􀂉􀂉􀂉􀂉􀂉 Challenging situation due to Sub five per … Read more