CA CPT November 2015 Pass percentage

CA Common Proficiency Test November 2015 pass percentageAlso CPT pass percentage from 2006-2015 November. MONTH                             YEAR   ATT.       PASS         PERCENTAGE December 2015 99077 34129 34.45 June 2015 128916 32619 25.3 December 2014 100957 14880 … Read more

Revision notes of General Economics CA CPT

Chapter 1Introduction to EconomicsDefinitions of Economics1. Science of Wealth“Economics is a science which enquires in to the nature and causes of wealth of nations.”– Adam Smith 2. Science of Material Well Being“Economics is a study of mankind in the ordinary business of life. It examines that part ofindividual and social action which is most closely … Read more

Question of Bills of Exchange Chapter VII

Test Paper – Chapter VII–Bills of exchange 1. In case of discount of bill with Bank, debit goes to?A. Cash a/cB. Bills receivable a/c C. Discount a/cD. A and C 2. A bill of exchange is prepared by?A. DraweeB. Payee C. BankerD. Drawer 3. A bill of exchange is accepted by?A. DraweeB. Payee C. BankerD. … Read more

Questions of Inventories CA CPT

Test Paper – Chapter IV –Inventories1. Inventories include?A. Raw materialB. WIP C. Finished goods and spare partsD. All of the above 2. If the profit is 20% on sales then it is?A. 25% of the cost priceB. 33% of the cost priceC. 15% of the cost priceD. 20% of the cost price 3. Cost of … Read more

CA CPT Online Registration 2015

Offline CA CPT Registration (DD Mode) Application Form for Registration to Common Proficiency Test Course duly filled in and signed- Download from Draft drawn in favour of The Secretary, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, payable at New Delhi /Kanpur / Mumbai / Chennai / Kolkata Online CA CPT Registration Fill complete details … Read more

CA CPT Best Recommended Books For June 2015

Fundamentals of Accounting CPT Mock Test Papers CPT Model Test Papers Bharat Fundamentals Of Accounting By T Padma K P C Rao (Edition: 2014)  S Chand Quick Revision by P C Tulsian , Bharat Tulsian ( Edition : 2014 )  Padhuka MCQ Bank by G Sekar and B Sarvana Prasath Edition : Sep. 2014  Reliance … Read more

Download All Various Forms For CA Student

Common Proficiency Test [CPT] 1. Application Form for Registration to Common Proficiency Test Course – Download Intermediate (Integrated Professional Competence) Course 2. Intermediate (IPC) Course Registration Form – Download 3. Conversion Form from PCC to Intermediate (IPC) Course – Download 4. Application Form for Information Technology Training (ITT) – Download 5. Deed of Articles and … Read more