CA Final SFM Theroy N.otes for May 2016 Exams

Index1 Indian Capital Market 33 1-172 Derivatives 21 18-293 Portfolio Management 11 30-354 Dividend Decisions 12 36-425 Foreign Exchange & Risk Management 7 43-466 Project Planning 5 47-497 Capital Budgeting 16 50-558 Leasing Decisions 7 56-579 Financial Services 19 58-6410 Bond Valuation 3 6511 Mutual Funds 6 66-6812 Money Market Operations 14 69-7313 Mergers, Acquisitions … Read more

Important Changes in Service Tax Proposed by Budget 2016-27

A. Changes in Finance Act, 19941. Amendments in the Negative List (Section 66D)– Entry No. (l) – covering specified educational services is proposed to be omitted. Consequently, the definition of “approved vocational education course” [Section 65B (11)] is also proposed to be omitted. [To be effective from the date of enactment of Finance Bill, 2016] Entry … Read more

Download SFM and AFM Formulae Ebook

A Formula is a simple way of expressing information. These are usually usedin Science and Mathematics apart from commerce areas.In Commerce, formulae are used in several areas like Interest and Annuitycalculations, Capital Budgeting, Portfolio Management, Standard Costing,Marginal Costing, PERT Analysis, Learning Curve effects etc. In commerceareas, unlike Science and Mathematics, the derivations and proving offormulae … Read more

Academic Updates for 2015 Examination

(1) Amendment Rules/Circulars/Notifications/Order issued under Companies Act 2013, by Ministry of Corporate affairs  A. Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Amendment Rules, 2014 B. Companies (Meeting of Board and its Powers) Second amendment Rules, 2014 C. Companies (Specification of Definitions Details) Rules, 2014 D. Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility) Amendment Rules, 2014 E. Companies (Audit and … Read more

Amendment for May 2015 – Practical Aaspects – Capital Gains

The Central Government acquires a house property owned by Mr. Manish on October 17, 2005 fixingcompensation at Rs. 32,00,000. The indexed cost of acquisition of this house property is Rs. 28,00,000. The Government paid Rs. 20,00,000 partly on May 13, 2010 and balance on March 11, 2012. Being aggrieved against the award, Mr. Manish filed … Read more