Forms of Companies Act 2013

INC-1  – Application for reservation of name

INC-2 – Incorporation and nomination (One Person Company – OPC)

INC-3 – Consent of nominee of OPC

INC-4 – Change in member / nominee of OPC

INC-5 – Intimation of exceeding threshold of OPC i.e. ceased being an OPC

INC-6 – Application for Conversion of Private company into OPC

INC-7 –  Application for Incorporation of Company (Other than OPC)

INC-8 – Declaration from the professional, during incorporation, as to compliance with the Companies Act, 2013 and related Rules

INC-9 – Affidavit from subscribers, during incorporation, stating he is not convicted of any offence in
connection with formation of company and has not been guilty of any fraud before under the law

INC-10 – Form for verification of signature of subscribers by witness (while filing particulars of subscriber with the RoC)

INC-11 – Certificate of Incorporation

Click here to Download and Get Detailed PDF. (List of Farms of Companies Act 2013.)

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