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Mutual fund is the trust of the persons who wish to invest their money in this trusted organization
Mutual fund is the trust of the persons who wish to invest their money in this trusted organization. They invest this money to different sectors such as share market, real estate and whatever sector which they see grooming.In mutual fund the fund organization hires a lot of qualified and expereniced staff and they diversify people money to differents sectors to maximize the return

Benefits of MUTUAL FUND:-
1- You needn’t to invest a huge amount. A simple amount can be invested in different sectors and maximize return.
2- There is a less risk factor as equities.
3- It’s a long time investment.
4-Mutual Fund with systamatic investment plan is a good features of mutual fund in which one has to pay simple instalments of the investment for example payinf 1000 rs./month instead of paying 12000 rs. lump sump
5-In SIP one has the option of buying more or less units depanding of market voltality and also the finance position.
6-Its a great way of money accumulating.
But it’s very hard for an investor to calculate what should be the return on SIP Mutual fund because you need to pay every month & become very complex.
So friends I am throwing a calculator for mutual fund to calculate the value and return on it . It’s a good calculator for compounding.

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