How to write answers in CA Exams

While we all know how do we write answers in exam, it is very important to know how to write an answer in a professional exams in a professional manner like CA. Many of you may not take it seriously but believe me it is very important as to how to present your answer. While content of the answer is important, its presentation is equally important.

Here are few tips one can keep in mind:-

Theory Questions:-

1. Always start a new question on a new page.

2. Also start a sub question on a new page

3. Always write question number and sub question clearly on the left had side of the page

4. All sub questions must be answered one after the other before you start the next main question.

5. If you want to come back to the sub question later, write few lines of sub question on new page and then you can leave it half way to revisit again. The left space can be used later on to complete the answer.

6. Do not forget to keep margin on the left hand side and you should also keep some margin on the right hand side, as many a times, supplement attached to the main answer book may not be readable due to thread knot.

7. You can mark margin by a very light pencil (4H)

8. Try to start new answer from the left hand side so that you can complete the answer on the right hand side. This will help examiner in reading the answer without turning the page.

9. Always put a heading to your answer (do not copy full question but mention the main subject of the answer). This will help examiner not to refer to question paper time and again. e.g If question is “Explain the accounting treatment of donation received for specific purpose in the case of a charitable society” you can write at the beginning of the answer as “Accounting treatment of donation received for specific purpose in the case of charitable society”. Do not forget to underline it. Leave one line and start your answer.

10. Always try to answer a question in paragraphs if it’s a commentary.

11. If answer is to be given poitwise, always answer in point wise one below the other.

12. Try to answer in clean and clear handwriting with next line exactly below the previous one to make it beautiful.

13. To the extent possible, answer to the point.

14. You should always need to keep in mind to keep examiner at ease so that he/she is not frustrated at any time of examining your answer sheet.

15. After reading the question paper, attempt the question which you know best and then subsequent questions.

16. Do not forget to write on the main sheet, the question you have attempted on the first page of answer sheet.

17. Use good quality ink/gel blue pen. Always keep 2-3 more similar pen with you during the exam.

Practical Questions:-

1. At the beginning make those accounts/statement which are asked in the question. For example, If question requires you to prepare capital account, prepare capital Account at the beginning. Profit and loss A/C and balance sheet (if necessary), will form working notes.

2. Make clear columns (At least one inner and one outer column to write amounts clearly one below the other) immediately on receipt of answer book.

3. Leave one line after every entry so that you can insert later if you missed something.

4. Total the account in rough sheet and then write in the account/statement.

5. If you are stuck on some adjustment, do not spend more then 30 seconds and move the next adjustment. Remember to revisit later (if time permits).

6. Be careful while carrying the amount to other account/statement.

7. If answer is to be given in a statement form, Amount should be written on the extreme side with particular from the left margin

8. Try to ensure that you write the correct amount/number at once.

9. Keep your cool at all times.

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