Know online status of claim under EPF (Employee Provident Fund)

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation has launched a facility for online verification of status of the claim under the EPF.

Please click on the following link to find the status of your claim submitted in any of the EPFO Office.

Click Here for the status of EPF (Employee Provident Fund)
The user needs to select his State, the EPF office, Establishment Code, Extension code, if any and then enter the employee number to ascertain the claim status. Leave the extension field blank, in case your account does not have one.

Know Your Claim Status – How to use the facility?
This facility is meant for EPF Members/subscribers/pensioners who have submitted a claim in any of the EPFO offices across India. Using this facility one can track the status of a claim so submitted. The only pre­requisite is you must know your PF Account Number.
If you know the EPF Office from where your claim has to be settled, select the same from the office drop down list.

On selection of office, the mandatory Region Code and Office Code will get populated automatically in the respective boxes.
Enter the Establishment Code in the third box – which can be of maximum 7 digits.
In case the Establishment Code has an extension / sub-code, enter the same here. It can be a digit or letter as the case may be and can be of maximum 3 characters in size. Leave this field blank, if there is no extension /sub-code to the Establishment Code.
Enter your account number which can be of maximum 7 digits.
Click on submit to get the status.

Example:- Case – I – PF Account Number without an extension/sub-code to Establishment Code:
Suppose your PF Account Number is MH/35634/523 and the office is Bandra, Select Bandra from the list as under:

 Note that MH and BAN has been populated already in the first two fields. Now enter the Establishment Number

 Leave the next field – Extension – blank and enter your account number in the last field

 Now click on “Submit” to get the status.

As this is an non‐existing number, we get a “No Record Found” message. In legitimate cases, appropriate messages will be displayed. Example:‐ Case – II – PF Account Number without an extension/sub‐code to Establishment Code: In case there is an Extension/Sub‐Code to the Establishment Code, say, “A”, then enter the same as under before entering the account number.

Again, as this is an non‐existing number, we get a “No Record Found” message. In legitimate cases, appropriate messages will be displayed. Note:‐  Please note that in case the claim is not entered in the system/software for some reason or it is outside the dates as mentioned in the footer of the screen above, such a record will NOT appear in this facility. In other words, ideally, a claim should have been submitted and an system generated claim ID should have been obtained for using this facility.

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