Know your Area Code, AO Type, Range Code, AO Number and Jurisdiction, Building Name

State Bank of India and State Bank of Patiala have provided facility to auto Generate Form 15G or 15H to their account holders.  

There is no need to enter PAN Number, Name, Address , Deposit Details like FDR No, Date of Investment, Period of Investment , Rate of Interest and amount of deposit etc.  This type of functionality increase the interest of depositors for investment in Banks.  Just click on Generate Button and get form Form 15G or 15H.  Depositor has to fill some mandatory fields like Area Code, AO Type , Range Code , AO Number and Jurisdiction, Building Name etc.

A common man do not know how to get above values as required mandatory in generation of Form 15G or Form 15H which can be collected through link of  Know your Jurisdiction through PAN number.

Just enter your PAN number and Captcha and get solution of above filed.
Click Here 

The above facility is available only for those customers who are using internet facility for their accounts. 

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