Know your Provident Fund Balance in Online

Know your PF Balance in Online

PF is the only big saving for many of us. PF remains the only amount on which we relied at the time of retirement. Hence it must be dear to you and you should be concerned about it also. You should know  if your employer depositing PF contribution regularly. Because there are many PF frauds happening where employer did not submit the PF amount.  That is why you should check your PF balance online regularly.

You must have an idea that how much money you have accumulated in EPF account. Earlier for this you have to depend upon your employer who used to give PF slips. But now you can check your PF balance online. You will get your PF balance information through the SMS.

What You Have to Give For Checking PF balance Online

EPFO office where your company is registered.
PF number
Name as in the pay slip of PF slip.
Your mobile number
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Steps To know the PF Balance Online

1- Visit EPFO Website
To know the PF balance you have to visit the EPFO website. It is On the website, click on the know your EPF balance link.

2-Select Your State
On the next page you have to select in which state your employer is registered. It may be that you are working in Tamilnadu office, but registered office of the company is in Delhi.

3- Select Your Regional PF Office

After selection of state you have to select the regional PF office. There are many regional PF offices in every state. If you don’t know, check your salary slip there must be some code before the PF number (e. g. DL/NHP/xxxxxxx/000/xxxxxxxx). The first two alphabets is the code for region and next three alphabets is the code for PF office. Accordingly, you can choose your regional PF office.

PF BALANCE ONLINE, PF Status Online Delhi

PF Code for many organizations is changed. You can check new PF code from your employer through the below mentioned link.

Know Your Establishment Code

4- Fill You EPF Number

Look below, this is the next page for filling you PF number.

In the PF account number row the first two columns must be pre-filled according to your choice of OF office.
In the third column you have to fill the company or establishment code. Your colleagues must have similar code in their salary slip. The number should not be more than 7 digits. It can be less than 7 digits, no issues.
In the fourth column normally you should not fill anything unless there is extension number in your PF number. Check if there  are three numbers given in your PF number. If yes, then the only middle number would be filled in the fourth column.
Last and fifth column is for your PF number. It should not be more than 7 digits.
PF balance Enquiry inquiry

In the second row, you have to fill your name as in the payslip.
In the third row, you have to give mobile number. at this number you will get the PF balance information through SMS.
Finally you must Agree to the terms.
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Get PF Balance Details Through SMS

After submitting above details you must get SMS about your PF balance. SMS would be like following

EPF balance in account number XX/XXX/*******/***/***** is EE Amt: Rs *****, AMT: Rs ****** as on )-EPFO

Note that amount is divided under two heads, The first one ‘EE’ is the employee contribution. While second one ‘ER’ is the contribution from the employer. You will see that employer contribution is less. This is because some amount of its contribution goes towards a pension scheme (maximum 541 rupees per month).  Also, this PF balance is updated up to the last financial year. EPFO updates its accounts after the end of every financial year. Updating also takes 3-6 months. Therefore, you will not get the current status of balance in your account. It is an online PF balance inquiry not the current PF balance status.

EPFO has announced that you will get the real-time PF balance status tracking facility soon. With this service you can check the total PF account balance till last month. However, interest will be calculated at the end of the financial year only.

In the meantime, you can download your EPF passbook where detailed entry of PF entry and total balance would be given.

EPFO has also started to give  a unique PF number the universal account number, It will remain same wherever you get employment in India. You must know this number, employers give this to every employee. You can check the allotment status of UAN online.


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