Lastest Procedure of Form 15G or 15H

Major amendments have been done in Procedure for submitting Form 15G or 15H vide Income Tax Notification No.  76/2015 [F.No. 133/50/2015-TPL] / SO 2663 (E) : Income Tax (14th Amendment) Rules, 2015 dated 29th September, 2015.   Utilities have also been provided by Income Tax Department for deductors  for generating XML Files of consolidated forms 15G and 15H.

 Unique Identification No. UIN Number is important in this utility and the same will be uploaded while submitting TDS return for the quarter concerned.

“Unique Identification No” field should be of a valid UIN format. A valid UIN format should have “First Character should be “G” followed by 9 digits, next Financial year (eg: 201516) and TAN (First 4 alphabets, then 5 numeric and last alphabet)”.

Example of UIN Number  :-
          Quarter                  =   Q4
          F.Y.                        =  2015-2016
          TAN NUMBER    =  ABCD12345E

          UIN NUMBER MAY BE LIKE THIS          
                                 FOR 15G       G000000001201516ABCD12345E
                                 FOR 15H       H000000001201516ABCD12345E

DownloadDownload Notification No. 76/2015

DownloadDownload 15G utility 

DownloadDownload 15H utility

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