Minor’s PAN Card Updation…

Minor’s PAN Card Updation at Attaining Majority

How to change the PAN data of a minor child when he/she turns major:

The PAN data of the minor should be updated to get his/her signature and photo on PAN card so that the PAN card can become a photo ID.

The procedure for the same is to apply for it on a pan request form. You need to complete the form quoting the already allotted PAN no. in the box provided on the top of the form and affix two recent photographs on the form in the boxes provided. Now the applicant should sign the form by himself/herself with black pen and tick the box of photo mismatch and signature mismatch. And submit the form along with an address and id proof like ration card, passport, voter card, bank account statement ,driving license or M.C. certificate along with photo copy of his ID card in any NSDL/UTI govt. approved centre or you can apply online for the same. If you need to have some other corrections in the pan data along with photo and sign then you need to attach gazetted officer certificate along with photocopy of his ID card. For the list of other relevant proofs you can refer pan tab on this site only or on tin.nsdl.co.in.

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