Outstanding Demand, Statement on Hold or Online Correction

While downloading form 16 or 16A or downloading conso file, it has been found that there is message that your statement has not been processed till date.

Reason for that may be given below :-
Details of manual and processed demands based on financial year are now available through a link on TRACES deductor dashboard

-The original statement will be put on hold for 7 days if Challan Mismatch / Challan Overbooked / PAN Errors has been identified in the preliminary check.

-Please make online correction to correct Challan Mismatch / Challan Overbooked / Pan Errors so that your statement is not processed for defaults.

-CPC (TDS) prompts you to first close the Short payment defaults before submission of request for download of TDS Certificates (Forms 16/ 16A).

-Short Payment default that can be closed by Online Correction displayed when submitting request of Form 16 / 16A

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