Procedure of Service Tax Regestration

Procedure for Service tax registration.
1.        Create login id on  ( /
2.        Fill and submit ST-1
Requirements for filling of ST-1
·          PAN of Firm, Company.
·          Email ID & Mobile number.
3.        Save the Acknowledgement generated after submission of ST-1
4.        Collect the required documents as mentioned is acknowledgment.
It  may include :-
·          Copy of pan card of the proprietor or the legal entity registered.
·          Photograph and proof of identity of person filling the application namely AAdhar card, voting card,passport,etc.
·          Document to be establish possession of the premises to be registered : It can be proof of ownership ,Rent agreement in the case of rented premises together with electricity bill and municipal tax receipt.
·          Details of main bank account through cancelled cheque.
·          Memorandum/Articles of association/list of directors.
·          Authorization by the board of directors/Partners/Proprietor for the person filling the application.(In Annexure V Sample given on 2nd page).
·          Copy of certificates of Business transaction numbers obtained from other government departments or agencies such as BIN NO.,VAT Tin No.,CST No., CIN No.
5.        Submit the above documents together with ST-1 and acknowledgement in the service tax department within the seven days from submission of ST-1.
6.        Provisional service tax registration certificate will be available on site ( tax/ reg/view/st2)

We, M/s Hitesh Prakash Associates, having registered office at, House no.56,Jai durga Society no. 3,Somalwada,Manish nagar,Nagur-440015 hereby undertake that on being acceptance of our application dated 13/01/2016 for registration in term of proviso to rule 4(1) of service tax Rules, 1994 read with section 69 of the Finance act, 1994, we shall follow and comply with the below mentioned acts-
1                     We agree that record of all the bills/invoices/challans issued and contract/agreement entered into the proper accounting of all the transaction shall be maintained at our proposed registered office and will make available to the Department as and when called for;
3                     We agree that all the records namely invoices/bills/ cenvat availment documents/ challans/ contract/ Agreement and other financial records for the past five years would be kept at the registered office;
5                     We shall provide all the documents and information relating to provision of output services, availment of cenvat credit and all other relevant financial or other records, at the time of audit and for any other enquiry;
6                     We agree that the service tax department, either through their local officers or from officers of other commissionarate may carry out audit/any other enquiry at the registered premises and for this purpose all records and documents and other necessary support to the audit staff would be provided by us;
7                     We would provide the information to the Department regarding the activities of the registered premises including financial information for the purpose of the issue of show-cause Notice or with regard to any enquiry by the Department.
For M/s Hitesh Prakash Associates.
Date :              17/01/2016
Place :             Nagpur
Power of attorney for filling service tax registration
Know all men by those presents, we M/s XXXXX, having registered office at, House no.XXX, xxxxx, xxpinx  do hereby constitute, appoint and authorize Shri Prakash Agrawal  aged about 65 years, son of Mr xxxx residing at xxxx  who is presently employed with us and holding the post of Partner as our attorney, to do in our name and on our behalf, all such acts, deeds and things necessary in connection with or incidental to our service tax registration, including signing and submission of all application documents and providing information/response to the service tax department representing us in all matters before the service tax officials including all other matters in connection with service tax under the Finance Act, 1994 and Rules made thereunder.
We M/s Hitesh Prakash Associates hereby agree to ratify all acts, deeds and things lawfully done by our said attorney pursuant to this power of attorney and that all acts, deeds and things lawfully done by our said attorney pursuant to this done by our aforesaid attorney shall and always be deemed to have been done by us and binding us.
For M/s xxxx
Witness:  1


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