Procedure of TAN Number

TAN NUMBER WHAT IS TAN TAN or Tax Deduction and Collection account number is a 10 Digit alpha-numeric number required to be obtained by all persons who are responsible for deducting or collecting tax. WHO MUST APPLY FOR TAN All the persons who are required to deduct tax or collect tax on behalf of Income Tax department are required to apply for and obtain TAN. HOW TO APPLY FOR TAN Application for TAN number can be made online as well as offline. Procedure for the same is as follows- a) ONLINE PROCEDURE Procedure for online application of TAN number is as follows-
1. Applicant should open the following link(
2. Select the category of the Deductor which is at the bottom of the page.
3. Select Assessing officer Code by using the following link( Or by following link available there.
4. Fee for processing TAN application can be filled by the applicant by demand draft, Cheque, credit card, debit card or by net banking. Demand draft or cheque shall be in favor of NSDL-TIN.
5. Applicant should fill all the information required correctly.
6. After submitting the form, a confirmation screen will be displaced. The applicant may either edit or confirm the same.
7. On confirmation an acknowledgement will be displayed. Applicant shall save and print the same. 8. Signature / Left thumb impression should only be within the box provided in the acknowledgment. In case of applicants other than ‘Individuals’, the authorised signatory shall sign the acknowledgment and affix the appropriate seal or stamp. In case Left hand Thumb impression is used, it should be attested by a Magistrate or a Notary Public or Gazetted Officer, under official seal and stamp.
9. Acknowledgement duly signed, along with demand draft, if any, shall be sent to NSDL at National Securities Depository Limited 3rd Floor, Sapphire Chambers, Near Baner Telephone Exchange Baner, Pune-411045.
10. Superscribe the envelope with ‘APPLICATION FOR TAN – Acknowledgment Number’ (e.g. ‘APPLICATION TAN – 88301020000244’) 11. Your acknowledgment and demand draft, if any, should reach NSDL within 15 days from the date of online application b) OFFLINE PROCEDURE

1. Download form by navigating to following link
2. Fill the form in English in Block letters and in Black Pen Only.
3. Submit physical TAN Application to any TIN-Facilitation Center (TIN-FC) of NSDL Ø 


 1. Application form should be used by the deductors in case they want a Change or Correction in data associated with their TAN.
2. Applicant should fill the form either physically or online by following the above mentioned procedure.
3. In case of physical filling form is available at the following link ( 4
. In case of online filling form is available at the following link( STATUS TRACK The applicants may track the status of their TAN application using 14 digit unique Acknowledgment Number after three days of application using the status track facilityBy navigating to the following path Alternatively, applicant may call TIN Call Centre on 020 – 2721 8080 to enquire about the status of application. The status of the TAN application can also be tracked by sending an SMS – NSDLTAN to 57575 FAQ Can an assessee apply for more than one TAN number In case the applicant has already been allotted a ten digit alphanumeric TAN, it will not apply again as having or using more than TAN is illegal. However, different branches/divisions of a deductor/collector may apply for separate TAN for each branch/Division. However, In case duplicate TANs have been allotted, the TAN which has been used regularly should be continued to be used. The other TAN/s should be surrendered for cancellation using ‘Form for Changes or Correction in TAN’ which can be downloaded from NSDL-TIN website or may be procured from TIN-FCs or other vendors Can applicant use thumb impression in acknowledgement for TAN. In case Left hand Thumb impression is used, it should be attested by a Magistrate or a Notary Public or Gazetted Officer, under official seal and stamp Can application for TAN be made on plain paper. No application for TAN can only be made in Form 49B only. What documents should be submitted along with the TAN application. No documents are required to be submitted along with the TAN application. However, where the application is made online, the acknowledgement generated should be duly signed and be sent to the address mentioned in the foregoing content. Is separate TAN required to be obtained for purpose of Tax Collection At Source (TCS). No TAN number is for Tax deduction at Source (TDS) as well as for Tax Collection at Source (TCS). If there is change in address, should I inform ITD or should I apply for new TAN Change of address within a jurisdiction does not change the TAN. However, it may involve a change in the Assessing Officer. Such changes must, therefore, be intimated to ITD so that the TAN database of ITD can be updated. In case of change of address from one jurisdiction to other (e.g. address changes from Bangalore to Mumbai) a new TAN needs to be applied for and previous TAN needs to be surrendered on allotment of fresh TAN. Where can I find the address of the nearest TIN-FC. Addresses of all TIN-FC are available on NSDL-TIN website. Is it necessary to apply for different TAN if the deductor has to deduct Tax from different types of payments like Salary, Interest, Contractors payment etc. No. TAN once allotted can be used for all types of deduction and collection. Can branches of Companies/Branch have separate TANs. Yes. The name and location of branch or the designation of the person responsible for deducting/collecting tax, whichever is applicable, should be clearly given in the application for allotment of TAN. Is individual/HUF is also required to obtain TAN Yes.

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