Two New Services on the ICSI Student Portal

The Institute is making continuous efforts to streamline the services being provided to the students. Most
of the services have been made online to ensure that the students are not required to visit the Institute’s
office for any of the basic services.

As part of such initiatives, on 30th January 2015, Shri Atul H. Mehta, President, ICSI formally launched
two new services on the Student Portal as per details given hereunder : –
Details of SMS / E-Mail Communications sent to the students
Students may see the text of SMS/ E-Mail Communications sent to them in connection with availing
various services on the portal. In case any of the students do not receive the SMS/ E-mail due to
technical reasons or accidentally delete the SMS / E-Mail from their Mobile Phones/ E-Mail Accounts,
they may still see the contents of the same from this link.

Details of All Successful Transactions
Students may see the details of all the Successful transactions (against each type of request) on this link.
Students may access both the facilities under “My Account” / “Others” option after logging into their
individual Online Accounts. A screenshot indicating the location of the link on the Student Portal 

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